Lagoa de Peixe


  • Mapped critical habitat for five shorebird species on Brazil's Southern coast, with a focus on Red Knot, and compared to mapping done in the 1980's to determine habitat loss and identify habitats lost due to:
    • Development
    • Agriculture and forestry expansion
    • Recreational use
    • Off road vehicle use
    • Wind power turbines
    • Aquaculture
  • Compared to maps of shorebird habitat to determine which habitats are most at risk
  • Translated all products into Portuguese and introduce product to key Brazilian biologists and conservation policy specialists
lagoa de peixe


  • Larry Niles
  • Richard Lathrop
  • Amanda Dey
  • Joseph Smith
  • Stephanie Feigin
  • Maria Virginia Petry
  • Carmem Elisa Fedrizzi