Who We Are

Lawrence Niles: Dr. Niles earned a PhD at Rutgers University on migrant birds, led the NJ State Endangered Species Program for 15 years and led conservation and research projects for over 35 years, including expeditions to Chile, Argentina, Brazil and the Canadian Arctic. Dr. Niles’ work now focuses on collaboration with agencies and conservation groups on the conservation of shorebirds, especially the red knot in a variety of locations, including Delaware Bay, the Canadian Arctic, Atlantic Coast of the US, and Brazil. In Delaware Bay, he co-leads the Delaware Bay shorebird projects and the restoration of beach and marsh to create innovative and ecologically productive protection from the impacts of climate change.


Stephanie Feigin:  Ms. Feigin has been involved in conservation and research efforts to protect shorebird populations throughout the Atlantic flyway including Delaware Bay and the Atlantic coast of NJ as well as Brazil and Chile for 5 years. Stephanie’s work focuses conservation of shorebird populations, beach and marsh habitat restoration and conservation, as well as migratory tracking projects, and coast wide population surveys. Stephanie earned her BS in Ecology and Natural Resources from Rutgers University.